Thursday, 26 April 2018

She's So Shredded: Angel of the North

The last time we saw Angelica Enberg on FMS she had powered her way back into the Hot and Hard 100 "back into our collective consciousness and now occupying a considerably bigger space there than she ever did previously" on the back of some "massive muscular development in recent times". Around that time she treated her fans to pics of her wearing and shopping for the sort of outfits that don't just beg for attention, they guarantee it (and a loose group of Madness-stricken less-than-surreptitious female muscle head stalkers) if worn in public - eg. in a shopping mall.

And then things got even more interesting...

Angie started to get ripped. And not just a little bit ripped, either.

On the one hand, she (quite understandably) found the process something of a struggle. Staying strong mentally or physically with this percentage of body fat is definitely not a piece of cake, she wrote (perhaps intending to be funny?) one day. This is pretty horrible, she said on another. You can't live like this. On the other hand though, as what she called "the daily freakshow" progressed, she didn't seem able to stop looking at, photographing, and sharing herself. And (maybe just my imagination) but her smile seemed to get bigger and bigger with each passing freakshow day.

Pulsing veins everywhere, including her forehead. Her pecs bulging and rippling, and striations all over her gorgeous shoulders - many of them with their own striations. Her eyes - whether locked in awe on a flexing bicep or gazing straight back at the viewer - had most certainly got their sparkle back as she entered the final week of her preparations. The pain was so worth it. I'm so empty, she confessed. It's lucky it only takes a moment to get a good picture of the hardness, because that's all I've got the energy for right now. But I'm so terribly happy with my shape, I could never have imagined in my wildest imagination that I would ever come in in this form ever.

The show she was coming in for was the IFBB Sweden Grand Prix - an "Elite Pro qualifier". Everything feels great! she told her fans the day before. And the following day, glammed, tanned and finally ready to take the stage, Angie looked great too.

Ultimately though, and despite a scintillating back double biceps, and a routine that had Dani Reardon's influence all over it (plus a cheeky wardrobe malfunction!), she was outmuscled by women with many more years of bodybuilding behind them. Standing with her little trophy, she looked rather crestfallen to have placed 4th.

Heartbreaking stuff, but she wasn't pouting for long. It was super cool to share the stage with all the amazing athletes but I had hoped for a higher ranking than 4th, she admitted. The top 3 were simply harder and more muscular. I have practically devoted the last 7 years of my life to strength training - a lot, but Physique is an incredibly difficult discipline to compete in and it takes time. I'm 25 years old, so what the hell... I'll keep working hard and giving my all. I have time!

And it's not like she's starting from scratch. She's already built an amazing physique for her (or any) age, and her dazzling natural beauty won't hurt her career either. She does indeed have time, and I'm sure you have time to follow her - Angie on Instagram.


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

"The Best Legs in Figure" and Other Figure Phenoms @IFBB Europa Orlando 2018

When three-time IFBB pro winner, top 10 Olympian and FMS heartthrob Jessica Reyes Padilla places 10th, even allowing for judging misdemeanours, it's a fair bet she was part of a quality line-up, and so it was at the 2018 IFBB Europa Orlando.

Canada's Melissa Bumstead, Canada's gorgeous Melissa Bumstead, provided some of it. Just look at the cuts on those legs! Perhaps at some point those legs have been called "the best legs in Figure", but Melissa's were not the legs being most talked about on this occasion. Melissa will doubtless go on to win many pro titles in a long and glittering career, but here she and her legs were not winners - Melissa placed 4th.

Sadly - and this is unusual - the quality of NPC News Online's coverage did not really match the quality of the line-up, not in terms of the pictures anyway. Bit blurry they look to me. Thankfully though, this is not the only coverage of the event we have, and perhaps better still, this other coverage - courtesy of Bodybuilding and Beyond - allows us to watch all 19 women in this obviously quality line-up in motion.

Here they are, from #30 Yordana Alayon to #48 Linda Simnick.

See if you can spot "the best legs in Figure"...


The correct answer was #40, Felisha Livezey.

Not the most familiar name in the line-up by any means, Felisha hadn't previously competed since the 2016 NPC Universe but "stole the show" on her pro debut. I just decided to do this one and it worked out kinda good, she said afterwards. I'm going to the Olympia, it's so exciting... I never thought in a million years it would happen.

Now, about these "best legs in Figure". Don't be under the impression that anyone of any note was claiming this, it's just the thoughts of some random forum head, and perhaps seems, at first, to be an impossibly bold statement to make. However, what's been interesting is that since that claim was made on her behalf, plenty of other heads have chipped in on Felisha's thread not (as is customary) to mock, but to confirm.

That is an understatement, writes one. If you have an account for HerBiceps, I'd suggest you check out her videos. The way she flexes her quads are unlike anything you've seen out of a Figure competitor. Again, this seems an impossibly bold claim. I mean I've seen a LOT. But he goes on - I kid you not. Her legs are THAT insane.
Felisha in 2016

The clips they are talking about are nearly two years' old now, dating back from that NPC Universe win when she turned pro. New footage will be available on HDPhysiques "in the very near future" apparently. FMS will not be the only ones looking out for it.

You can follow Felisha on Instagram. She isn't planning to do any more shows before the Olympia, but intends to "work on some weak points" over the next few months.

She's probably not talking about those legs.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

She's So Shredded: Anna Ferrer Flos

"Wow" reads the first comment, and the second as well. The third is a little more eloquent - "So lovely her eyes her smile, gorgeous!" The eyes, the smile, and her gorgeousness get more mentions, and then the posters start to "scan down". And they see the "bulge" (of her bicep), they see her "amazing chest". "Oh my!" they say. "Beautiful!" they say. "Stunning!" they say. For this single image there's been more comment in less than 24 hours than most GWM posts get in their lifetime.

The female muscle lovin' community has just "discovered" Anna Ferrer Flos.

What FMS has learned about Anna in the last two days since that image burned us too could be summed up as 'not very much'. It's never very easy getting information about athletes who are a) amateurs, and b) not from English-speaking countries, but on top of that, it's not even easy to look for information when you are so distracted by beautiful brown eyes, the loveliest smile and a ripped, vascular body that looks (if not harder) every bit as hard as what's keeping at least one of your hands below keyboard level.
Final preparations for "war", autumn 2017

What we do know is that it is Anna (the double "n" - not as common as "Ana" in Spanish-speaking countries - is correct), and that one reason for the double "n" might be that Anna is Catalan (rather than "Spanish", if that's not too controversial a thing to say). She competes in the Bodyfitness (ie. Figure) division, in the "up to 163cm" class, and she finished 3rd in that class at the Spanish National Championships last year.

Most of her at her most shredded seems to have been from around that contest, even if they weren't posted then - either on GWM, or by Anna herself on her eponymous Instagram. She seems to like looking back at her body then, nostalgic for the look, using the images as motivation for her now as she prepares for another season of competition - "war" as she calls it (or at least that's how guerra literally translates).

There are days when you want to give up, she says, but when I look at these photos I say to myself, "I have achieved that already, and I will become stronger than ever".
With Spanish IFBB pro Noelia Segura
"My sister, helping me from minute zero, supporting me every day," says Anna

Spain (including Catalunya, I really don't know how to express these things and stay on the right side of both sides!) appears to suddenly be enjoying something of a female muscle boom, and women like Anna can't fail to inspire yet more to take up the pesas. Si todo va bien (if all goes well), according to Anna, the next "war" for her won't be until this September. This year though, it seems she will be followed on her journey to even more thrillingly vascular shredz by a whole lot more fans than she was last year.


Monday, 23 April 2018

Hevumisa's Gülüzar Gold

It didn't take long for FMS' favourite YouTuber to start posting new work from this year's FIBO. Girls at FIBO Power 2018 went up just a few days after the event had finished. Been waiting patiently for these, wrote another fan, any more coming?

You are in for a treat tomorrow, replied our hero.

We really were.

Gülüzar Tüfenk features briefly in the Girls at FIBO Power 2018 clip, about a minute (of the 7.22 running time) is devoted to her. Black sports bra, tight bright red "shorts". She looks amazing - tight and ripped. And there's the usual slow, sexy delight she takes in exhibiting the results of all her hard work. It's groin activating stuff.

Sixty seconds of magic that leaves you wanting more.

Well, that "treat" he mentioned, how about ten minutes and fifty-five seconds more?!

Looks like he's found his new muse.

Hevumisa on YouTube (we hope there's more coming!)


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sunday Sizzler

A somewhat artier sizzle than usual this Sunday, courtesy of Australian Physique beauty Maia Stier, and Sydney-based sport/dance photographer David Bonnell.

These were taken soon after the Arnold Australia last year, and any would-be schmotographers might want to take careful note of David's pitch for the shoot.

It's not what you'd call a complicated approach. I told her she was a living work of art, and that we should shoot her nude in an art gallery, he says. And she said yes.


I wonder if anybody will ever ask me what I am thinking... says Maia.

More "Maiabolical Muscle" on Instagram


Saturday, 21 April 2018

Penpraghai Wins Again
@2017 Olympia

Sightings of this beautiful woman are rare. Before her appearance at the Europa Orlando two weeks ago we hadn't seen her on stage since her Olympia debut last September. She made the top 10 there - the first ever Asian in the Physique division, and the first Asian woman in any division to do so for nearly a decade.
@2016 Arizona Pro

The Arizona Pro in 2016 had been her first show for nearly four years, and by winning it, she qualified for that 2017 Olympia before the 2016 Olympia had taken place! Not for Penpraghai the slog of competing at contest after contest, slowly accumulating - or not - qualification points. She came, she won, she qualified, and in doing so gave she herself the best possible chance to do well - a full twelve months to prepare.

And it's not like she's been all over social media in the last few years. I remember her Facebook account being taken over, "hijacked", by her ex-trainer (allegedly) and this led to fans complaining she had ripped them off etc., so that's probably why. Since that Olympia appearance followers have seen her sit on a motorbike, do a bit of travelling in her own country, go out with friends at New Year, and in between do what she does at the gym where huge pictures of her adorn the walls - Siam Barbell in Pattaya.

Not having to wait four years, or even twelve months to see her in action again consequently feels like a bit of a treat. As always seems to be the case, she was perfectly prepared (despite the rush job - just seven months since the Olympia!), and needed to be. The Europa Orlando Physique line-up was packed with quality - the competition including Marjorie Beck and Katie Lee (winner and runner-up in St. Louis the week before), Brittany Watts and new FMS swoon Sarah Fechter (both arriving on the back of recent top 3 finishes), and Hot and Hard 100 sensation Valentina Mishina (currently leading the 2018 Olympia qualifying standings).

Their competition proved to be for 2nd place. Penpraghai was, as she had been in Septemeber 2016 among a similarly competitive field in Arizona, a class apart.

In a post-show interview she reveals to Natalia Coelho that she'd done only 14 weeks of actual prep for Orlando, as opposed to the 18 she did before the last Olympia. I'm very excited to be going back to the Olympia, she (sort of) says in her hardly fluent English. The last time was a great experience, and all the girls looked awesome.

Very true that last bit, but also true that she looked awesome enough to beat most of them. And I wouldn't bet against Penpraghai beating a few more come September.

Penpraghai (occasionally) on Instagram

And more from Orlando next week.