Tuesday, 9 February 2016

"I'm in Love" (Part One)

Not, as you might expect, my own (latest) declaration of love for Shannon, Asha, Erica, Dani, Nicky, Melissa (Wee or Lesage) or any of the myriad examples of magnificent muscular womanhood featured on FMS, but rather a look at a selection of images from Girls with Muscle that have recently moved other female muscle heads to type (no doubt with just the one hand) the exact words "I'm in Love".


Images like this one of Swedish Bodyfitness beauty Ida Bergfoth - aka "oidao" on Instagram - flexing her unexpectedly (even suspiciously?) enormous arm.


And this one of Physique champ Susan Smith which, as well as attracting declarations (plural) of love, has also attracted offers (yes, plural) of marriage, and even a lengthy quotation of a Commodores lyric!


A very different, but, it seems, equally enamouring shade of muscular beauty is provided here by Russian make-up artist and Crossfitter Harvi Monroe - aka Harvi Don't Stop on vk. Near the top of my lust list, says one fan with "a bit of a thing for Goth girls". I'm sure Harvi is very proud to have made that list...


Fitness instructor, model, personal training business owner and soon-to-be Figure competitor Sarah Varno is one of the few women brave enough to actually venture to make a comment about the comments about her on GWM. But once she'd complained that she gets "better feedback on Instagram" an avalanche of compliments about her triceps, choice of outfit, and all-round loveliness appeared under this pic.


Britain's most shredded and FMS fave Corinne Ingman made a few muscle-in-the-kitchen fantasies come to life with this ravishing image of her hot and hard back. Corinne's plans for 2016 apparently include "lots and lots of squatting". Nice.


Don't have much info about Korean stunner Lee Ye-rin, but I do know she's (unsurprisingly) got a lot of love on GWM and elsewhere on the forums. And I also found (and loved) this sweet clip of her from Muscle & Fitness Korea.


Familiar? She should be. This very pic of WBFF Fitness stunner Melissa Le Man featured here on FMS during our week of female muscle and cars. Is this how images achieve "iconic" status - getting posted again and again by lazy bloggers?!


Now here's someone new. "Kathleen", as she is identified, appears to have all the female muscle next door credentials, and proves - as if proof were necessary - that you don't need to be famous to get big love from the female muscle brethren.


Being big helps though. Size, it appears, really does matter! This is Swedish Amazon Emelie Fredriksson and yes, that shaker is a normal size - it just looks tiny because she's holding it. You can see more apparent optical illusions on Emelie's Instagram.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

And we finish our first installment of our GWM Love survey with the magnificently massive Jessica Sestrem, and the divine definition of Diana Schnaidt.

We shall be swooning some more later in the week.

Monday, 8 February 2016

In the City of Love...

Paris, 30th January 2016, at the Golden Tulip Hotel near Charles De Gaulle Airport you could - no doubt - feel the love. Not since the days of the legendary New York Muscle Club have female muscle fans had the opportunity to experience anything like this...


The women arrived first for a short briefing, then the fans arrived and they had five minutes to talk with the women and introduce themselves. Then the women started warming up, the photos started, the fans were amazed. And then the show started...


And it was a BIG show. From France, there was the wrestler Eva Damoh and bodybuilder Laurence Prévot. From Spain, Virginia Sanchez Macias in massive off season shape. There was soon-to-be star of the screen Irene Andersen, the gargantuan 6'0" American Jayne Stark, new British sensation Maz Burn, and the mighty Russian powerlifter Anna Khudayarov. And last but by no means least there was Margie Martin, Ms Rising Phoenix herself, gone all the way to Paris for the fans!

Little wonder they were "amazed".


The show started with posing, and then lift and carry, a wrestling demo, push-ups, and more posing. The women performed for the fans for three hours, and at the end, the girls danced. It was amazing, simply the best thing we had ever seen!


Now I'm pretty sure that if at that point it had been thank you and good night the female muscle head punters would have left pretty damn satisfied. But though the "show" may have been over, the night, it turns out, had only just begun...

imagebam.com imagebam.com

We all went down to the lobby of the hotel for posing in the hotel entrance, and then went to eat at the restaurant. The girls were tall, big, full, huge, beautiful and remarkable, which caused quite a stir and a lot of discussion among the other diners! Then we all ate together before going to the bar to have some Mojitos.


All in all the fans spent around eight hours with the women.


The Greatest Show on Earth? I very much doubt any of the fans went home feeling they hadn't got their Euros worth. It sounds - and at this point I should say the description of the day is written by the organiser himself, but I have absolutely no reason to doubt it's accuracy - an absolute triumph, far surpassing even the New York Muscle Club events in size, duration, and interaction with the women.


Congratulations to Daily FBB Clips for putting on the show and making it such a triumph. The next opportunity for fans to Mojito with the Massive will be in Cologne to coincide with this year's FIBO, and there are plans to have future events in the USA.


I imagine the boys and girls who got up close and personal with the women at the first Daily FBB Show still haven't come down yet. Imagine the LOVE there must have been in the room! Appropriate then to be reporting on this historic event this week - the week of St. Valentina. We shall be riffing on the theme (love) all week on FMS.


Stay up-to-date with all Daily FBB Clips activities via their website.

And if you fancy feeling the love start saving up your Euros!


FMS would obviously love to hear from anyone who was there and would care to share their own personal account of what sounds like a uniquely amazing experience.

Comment box or email 6ft1swell@gmail.com

Sunday, 7 February 2016

FBBTV: From VHS with Love

I remember seeing a brilliant hour-long documentary that aired on prime time ITV at 9pm called "Muscle Madness". It was a kind of "Pumping Iron II" thing that focused on Carolyn Cheshire prepping and competing in a big US contest, maybe an early Ms O. I remember watching it with my parents trying to hide my excitement and arousal, and also failing in an attempt to surreptitiously VHS record it!

Not my experience, but it's a familiar scene. Stumbling across female muscle on British TV in the mid/late 80s and early 90s while the family was watching meant suffering both physical and mental torture. Stumbling across it when watching alone meant setting world records for the sofa to VHS dash. Who knows how many wedding or christening or family holiday tapes were "lost" to enthusiastic young female muscle heads need to get a tape - any tape - into the machine at those moments?

I imagine most of those tapes have long been discarded just like mine were, but thankfully there are some among us - heroes every one of them - who lovingly preserved their precious hoards, and then, later, gave them to the world to enjoy.

Know of any more examples of early female muscle from UK TV that are out there?

Bernie Price popped upon What's My Line? once apparently, then there's Donna Hartley's appearance on The Last Resort, any of Carolyn Cheshire's appearances on Schmoel, sorry Noel Edmonds various shows, or, "The Holy Grail" of Carolyn on Bodymatters. I still hold out hope they are in a box in someone's loft...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

FBBTV: Brazil

Unfortunately, there's no sound, but Selma Labat, Loana Muttoni and Karla Bachiega showing off ther spectacular bikini-clad bodies on daytime TV is hardly likely to persuade me that my belief Brazil is female muscle heaven is mistaken.

And when the sun goes down...

And just a couple of weeks after Gracyanne had been on, the same host was hiding his excitement under the desk while interviewing the beautiful Aline Riscado - here.

Ai karamba!

Friday, 5 February 2016


You might not have otherwise given the song much attention, but when female muscle features in music videos it's difficult not to leave your personal tastes aside and get excited. One day, a better man than me is going to make an exhaustive list of every example of FBBMTV, but for today I've picked four of my own favourite examples.

CAROLYN CHESHIRE in Pump It Up by Melle Mel

DOROTHY HERNDON in Reach by Martini Ranch

Shall we have a little break?

Spot the female muscle superstar burning up the screen in this gem.

Back to the music.

MARTHE SUNDBY in Sing (The Night Is Still Young) by Camp Sounds

JILL RUDISON in Baby Blue by Action Bronson feat. Chance the Rapper

Thursday, 4 February 2016

FBBTV: The Far (Out) East

Don't ask me what is going on in today's selections from Chinese TV, I have a feeling that even if I understood what they're saying I still wouldn't be any the wiser.

Seemingly more hosts than guests, wacky sound effects, even wackier animations, and production values that would put Eurovision to shame. Oh, and Julia Vins.

More Julia on Chinese TV here.

And also from Chinese TV, Korean muscle beauty Yeon Woo-ji. Again, exactly what is going on here is beyond me. But it is definitely a lot of fun trying to work it out!

If you can take anymore, parts 2 & 3 are here.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

FBBTV: Reality & Documentary

Reality TV seems to love a bit of female muscle.

But some muscle girls don't seem to be doing too well...

However, not all reality female muscle stories are as depressing as the women selling their clothing in order to fund their passion (no doubt), or - even worse - failing to make car payments because they are spending it all on funding their passion!

In this clip "Lori" both has her cake and eats it.

And you can watch a longer version here.

Time for a break.

We'll be back right after this...

"The very best of whatever you desire" - and that turns out to be - at least as far as a woman is concerned - a bodybuilder. And no inverted commas bodybuilder either, but Theresa herself. Why settle for anything less when you can have a true diamond?

Now that's what I call FACTUAL!

Our documentary feature today comes from Ireland.

Supersized Shes (wonder where they go the title, it's genius!) follows bodybuilders Inga Beinara and the previously seen on FMS Sophia McNamara. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

FBBTV: Down Under

With women-only contests, the ultra-swoonworthy bodies of competitors like Kayla Rassatti, Taylor Smith, Chleo Van Wyk and Nicky Foord, and, most recently, news that scenes backstage at shows there are reminiscent of the last days of Rome (or perhaps a Friday night get-together at Michael Barrymore's), I think it's fair to say that Australia has been seriously upping its female muscle game in recent times.

So, our TV offering today is one Aussie talk show's take on this female "muscle mania", starring the gorgeous Tracey Lunam and Clara Wilson, and a male co-host clearly getting a good strong dose of The Madness from sitting next to two such goddesses.

And for a little older female muscle fun on Aussie TV, check out NABBA legend Anne Marie Lasserre, looking as amazing as ever (just two weeks out from a contest) on what seems to be the Australian equivalent of the UK's A League of Their Own.

Enjoy, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow!

Monday, 1 February 2016

FBBTV: Will Cyd Survive?

I wish there were more female muscles on TV...

My own introduction to female bodybuilding was Carolyn Cheshire on TV in the mid 1980s, flexing on a popular science show called Bodymatters in an orange bikini.

It was a life-changing moment.

I recall Donna Hartley on Jonathan Ross' The Last Resort not long after that.

There was Gladiators - the women of the UK version had a lot less muscle than Raye, Erika and Shelly so the American edition was by far my preferred watch! And also from the US onto UK TV screens came the daytime talk shows Geraldo and Montel, the latter having more than one show devoted to female bodybuilders as I remember.

In those days it was a case of actually catching the show by luck - hurriedly getting the VHS recording for repeat viewings - or design - with the VHS cued up ready to go! If you didn't see it at the time, you had to wait for the internet to be invented to do so.

Times have changed. When one or more FBBs are on TV anywhere in the world, it isn't long before clips are posted on the forums. There are (or were in the case of the UK) whole TV channels devoted to the fitness industry that regularly feature muscular women and which also have their own YouTube channels to view at your leisure.

Documentaries like Supersize She or Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends or Jodie Marsh on Steroids haven't always painted FBBs (or us fans) in the kind of light we would wish, but in general these days mainstream TV (that I've seen anyway) almost always portrays women with muscle in a positive way, and a forthcoming UK TV documentary featuring Welsh fitness tycoon Kate Austin promises to continue that trend.

And this month in the US, the very gorgeous IFBB Figure Pro Cydney Gillon - a two-time Chicago Pro champ and two-time Olympia contestant nonetheless - is one of the castaways in the new series of Survivor (CBS, first episode Feb. 17th, apparently).


imagebam.com imagebam.com


Appearing briefly in a season preview - fast forward to 0.48 - Cydney describes herself as "a woman who takes care of her body, not eating double cheeseburgers all day". And here, kicking off a week of FBBTV on FMS, is her "Meet the Castaways" introduction.

Go Cydney!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

(Female) Muscle Cars

imagebam.com imagebam.com

We kick off our final selection of female muscle and cars with a frankly mild welcome from the female muscle brand that is Cindy Landolt. But this particular selection comes from Swell's "Special Favourites" folder, so fear not, because - just like a car engine on a frosty January morning - it's going to get damn hot damn quick!

imagebam.com imagebam.com


Guess Cindy really likes that upholstery.


And I really like Paloma Parra's shoulders in that tight tight T-shirt of hers below. I bet she gets them right pumped up when she gets the chamois out and buffs up that shine. Bet she attracts quite a crowd - all pretending to admire the Merc of course.


I couldn't imagine a better pair of shoulders in a car pic.


I hadn't accounted for Supergirl, aka Emily Ingram. "S" for *SWOOOON!*

And meanwhile at the car show...

imagebam.com imagebam.com

You know they are car crazies when they're looking at the wheels and not at the glamorous beef of muscle goddess Jacqueline Fuchs. Beautiful lines, and horsepower to burn. And I expect those cars are pretty high-performance as well.


This is how I settle my bills at the mechanic, Jay tells us.


No trips to the garage are necessary for amateur Physique star Kylie Jean Vandenbrand though. She can get under the "hood" as I believe she would call it.


With those pythons it looks like she could lift the whole damn engine out!

Now earlier in the week I may have given the impression that I'm not into the in-car single bicep selfie, but the point I was trying to make was they have become so commonplace that finding a really, really great one involves a lot of searching.

A very honorable mention then for one that I'm sure I've posted before - Jessica Graham proving once again that Figure girls flex everywhere except on stage.


But FMS' in-car single bicep selfie queen has got to be powerlifter Lisa Rothman.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Left, right, "duck face", eyebrow flex - Lisa's work has it all and more.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Stunning beauty. And she can bench every car we've featured this week.



And we leave you with two more of FMS' favourite swoons...



Don't you just love how she's squeezing that wheel and making those pecs ripple?


And ANNIE, being - for once - a bit coy in the pec department.


For less coyness, more NSFW-ness, click here.