Saturday, 4 July 2015

Grexit? Flex It!

FMS goes topical this week with a Greek/Eurozone crisis special!


Aikaterini, or Katerina, was a champion back in 2006, winning the NAC Universe title, and it's the pictures from around the time of this competition that have guaranteed her name has come up since then whenever female muscle heads chat about the subject of "Best Glutes Ever". She apparently stopped competing after her Universe win, but returned to the stage seven years later as an IFBB Figure competitor in 2013, and most recently came 4th in her class at the Amateur Olympia in Spain.

Aikaterini says*: We probably have a lot to lose if we leave Europe, but it will be worth it if that is what it takes to recover our dignity. Greek people are fed up with being treated as if we were ignorant. We’re civilised, well-educated people.


*This is probably pretty obvious, but I'm making up the quotes all week.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Lisa G Is...


The phrase "muscle freaky" might mean different things to different readers. Equally, readers might give a different name to what I call "muscle freaky". A long-winded explanation of my own definition, though, would take today's post off on a tangent away from the lovely Lisa (and probably bore you as well!) so instead, I'll just say that to me it is the biggest turn-on, the highest compliment I can give, and leave you with some of my favourite examples of Lisa G at what I think is her most "muscle freaky".

Last year, Awefilms shot Lisa Giesbrecht bulging out of a tight and tiny red dress - to say she was wearing it would, I think, be somewhat misleading because that thing is fighting for its life. The location was a public place, a coffee shop it seems, and for the first five minutes or so, Lisa sits in a booth not exactly posing, more like surreptitiously rippling. The camera closes in on her calves, her traps, her thighs, her arms, her shoulders. She looks huge, freakishly vascular, and every muscle reveals itself in glorious detail. With ice blue eyes she gazes long and deep into the camera... The effect the clip so successfully creates for the viewer is that it's YOU who are sitting there next to Lisa in that coffee shop. The show she is putting on is a private one - just for you - but it's the fact it's all taking place in public that, in my opinion anyway, takes this clip into the realm of greatness, nailing a fantasy of being with a female bodybuilder in public. In my imagination, this scenario tends to play out in the evening and in a restaurant, but the location is less important than the fact that Lisa (or the Lisa she is playing in the clip, anyway) loves, or even can't help herself, putting on a display that is both secretive (just for you) and public at the same time.

It was a meeting with a professional female bodybuilder that inspired her to compete. I just loved the whole muscle look, she says. Lisa - big though she undoubtedly is - may not be the biggest female bodybuilder around, but, as the Awefilms clip shows, in contest shape her body is certainly one of the most freakishly vascular, those "road map" legs in particular. And both in the pictures of herself she posts, as well as in the clip described and many many others, Lisa seems to take genuine delight in displaying her unique physique - forever "intense and seductive", as one fan puts it. She's still in love with that "muscle look", it's just now the look and the muscle is her very own.
FMS, April 2015, Hot and Hard 100 #36

Oh wow! Look at that! If you don't like that... Come on. See that? Seriously. That is awesome. I do that in the gym... Actually, I DO do that in the gym. I'm training with people, I'm training with a guy and I'm like, "Look at THIS!"

Lisa doesn't do sessions. She is, after all, happily married and (amazing as it may seem) a mother of two. On Annie Rivieccio's Muscle Angels, however, Lisa brought her fans' ultimate fantasy to life (well, perhaps not the ultimate Lisa fan fantasy, but you know what I mean). In perfect post-contest shape, as trademark vascular and gloriously glamorous as ever, Lisa invites you to admire her perfect muscles...

As with the Awefilms clip described above, the power of this piece of work lies in Lisa's ability to play the role so well, so naturally. She revels in the sensual display of her muscles. She knows the sexual effect her body has, the power it has over you. And, crucially, this in itself is arousing to her, and it is this that I call "muscle freaky".

And finally...

At about the one-minute mark, Lisa and the interviewer are looking at a close-up of her arm, her HUGE, RIPPED, VASCULAR arm. How do you feel about that? asks the interviewer. Lisa's response is immediate, and loud... I LOVE THAT!

When the interviewer responds, I love that you love that too, that could be me talking. It's not just the muscle itself, it's how Lisa feels about it. She LOVES it. And it seems that the more massive, ripped, pumped, veiny and freaky it is, the more she loves it. And I LOVE that she loves it. I LOVE that Lisa is so damn "muscle freaky".

A week's worth not enough?

Lisa's on Twitter, Facebook, and her Ironworks personal training website.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lisa G Is...


In the alternative universe we all fantasise about where all models have muscles and the very top models are all female bodybuilders, I reckon Lisa would be THE supermodel. She'd be recognised and in demand the world over, picking and choosing her shoots, and generally leading an impossibly glamorous jet set lifestyle...

[Have you, I wonder, considered the possiblity that it may just be you who fantasises in such detail about such an alternative universe? - ed.]

Sadly, this isn't the case, but nevertheless, if Lisa didn't exist, the mind of Edinaus would probably have created her. She is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic and well-proportioned female bodybuilders in recent years. She's a natural in front of the camera, and has worked with pretty much every major female muscle site and photographer with - more often than not - absolutely smokin' hot results.

I've picked a sort of Top Ten - one each from ten female muscle photographers.

It was a tough job, but for my readers, there's no hardship I wouldn't endure!

Twixpix (left) & DG Photography (right)
Athletic Women Magazine (left) & Femflex (right)
Wings of Strength
Her Flex Appeal

Krivs Studio (left) & FTVideo (right)
HD Physiques (left) & Her Biceps (right)

And we leave you today with a little more from Her Flex Appeal. Lisa in that dress - although calling it a dress as such is pushing it a little, so let's say "outfit" instead.
She's not at her biggest here, but that never spoiled my enjoyment.


Lisa G Is... reaches climax tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lisa G Is...



Thay're not even proper "Before" photos really as (I believe) they actually come from the years when Lisa was competing in the Figure division at amateur shows in her native British Columbia. But even so, the contrast with Lisa "After" is quite clear.


And, in time-honoured tradition, when you put them side by side...

Now that's what I call PROGRESS.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lisa G Is...


I never knew there were that many veins in a leg.
Lisa fan, forum post

Nobody did! They really are an eye-opener, aren't they?

Another fan, writing about the same image, concludes that shaving those legs must be out of the question. [It would] probably cut too many veins. She must wax. HA!

I doubt she has a similar problem with that rope of a vein that runs along her bicep, but you never know. Impressive as that is, fans, film-makers, and Lisa herself all tend to focus on the mighty rivers and minor tributaries that traverse those legs.
From Muscle Angels

And her most recent work with Female Muscle Clips (filmed after last year's Toronto Pro) is no exception. She's vascular all over, but it's those legs, and in particular her freakily vascular calves, that get most of the attention. Jaw-dropping stuff.
From Female Muscle Clips

Brace yourself for the 10-second mark as you check out the FMC preview...


Monday, 29 June 2015

Lisa G Is...


CBBF Canadian Nationals 2011 - Masters Heavyweight & Overall Winner

Lisa won her pro card at he age of 43, seven years after she'd started lifting. As well as winning the Masters title, she finished 4th in the Open Heavyweight class, behind Joanne Williams, Tara Silzer, and the Overall champion Fabiola Boulanger.

Does anyone else think it looks as though Lisa was the model for the trophy itself?!

IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow 2012 - Winner

After a brief flirtation with the WPD at the 2012 Governor's Pro Cup in California, Lisa's first pro show as a Bodybuilder came just nine weeks later in Toronto. She received universal raves for her overall look, according to Steve Wennerstrom in his report from the show, standing out from the first comparison of pre-judging.

The judges agreed, placing Lisa ahead of Britain's Wendy McCready and runner-up Kim Buck. She had qualified for the Ms Olympia at her very first attempt.

Here is an understandably ecstatic post-win Lisa.

With little Nancy DiNino there for perspective next to her, Lisa looks (and sounds - that voice alone is enough to get me swooning) AMAZING.