Friday, 27 November 2015

Theresa @NPC Nationals 2015

We promised news of Theresa Ivancik's bid to win her pro card at the NPC Nationals in Miami last weekend, and here she is in all her big and beautiful muscular glory.

With a shock of blond dyed into the ends of her luscious dark locks, Theresa wore purple for the pre-judging and comparisons round. Up against seven other women in the heavyweight class including the familiar names of Wendy Watson, Anne Sheehan and Ariel Gail, Theresa was in the centre for the one and only set of comparisons the judges felt they needed to see before making their decision.

Theresa was in blue for her evening routine. Having come so close at the IFBB North Americans earlier in the year, where she won the heavyweight class but not one of the three pro cards on offer there (see FMS passim), would this finally be her moment?

No. When the placings were called, Theresa lost out to the heavyweight winner Tischa Thomas. Once again, she had come excruciatingly close. Really, excruciatingly close. Looks like I lost my pro card by one point! she told her Facebook followers after the scorecards became available. But I feel I have already won thanks to all the support from each and everyone of you... I have exceeded my own expectations at this show [and will be] working on making my weaknesses my strengths. "I'll be back!"

Indeed she will - and on FMS sooner rather than later as we take a closer look at the NPC Nationals all week next week, including more on Theresa's adventures in Miami.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sweat. Sweet! (Xtra Sweat)

Yes, it's another one of those FMS posts entirely built on the toil (the sweat!) of others. Thanks to all who sent in their favourite sweaty muscle women pics, I was overwhelmed by the response, really - my inbox will never smell the same again. And the result of your efforts is a post packed with images, cascading over your screen like the sweat cascading over Madeleine Persson's perfectly perky pecs.

Better still, thanks to Pennypacker Industries, you can Scratch and Sniff* your screen (if compatible) for a fuller sensory experience wherever you see this sign...

Thanks again to all you lovely readers who sent the sweat. This one's for you!


What a start! Look at it pouring off Asha Hadley's honed muscular body. We all knew that in a world of dedicated muscle babes Asha is more dedicated than most, but DAMN! You could fill several buckets with the sweat in the centre pic alone.


Australia's next biggest thing may not have reached the same sweat peak as Asha when this picture was taken, but you get the feeling her emissions are about to rise...


Scratch and Sniff* now for a blast of Fanny's sweat-soaked vest.

I wore this for a full week without changing it, says Fanny. Then it festered in the washing basket for another couple of days before I was contacted by the guys at Pennypacker industries for a sample. Stale yet deliciously ripe and fruity...


Now I've seen the clip these caps are taken from, so I know that lickable sheen on Sierra Magnus' magnificent midriff is sprayed on, but frankly, who cares?

And the lower she goes, the more lickable she gets...


Now here's a first on FMS, an Indonesian fbb. And she's not going to get out of the way of the TV until you have sucked up every last drop from her sweaty back. Maria Arina is her name apparently, and she looks pretty good glammed up as well - here.

Brazilian Fernanda Deporte (left) and FMS' favourite Cretan goddess Anastasia Papoutsaki (right) are both available here for your Scratch and Sniff* pleasure. Fernanda's scent is definitely the more powerful, which is not surprising because she's a powerlifter. Anastasia's is more delicate, but utterly intoxicating nonetheless.

Big big thanks to FMS Head of Research JT for Anastasia, both the rear view above and the post-cardio sheen and swoon-fest below. Isn't she just bloody GORGEOUS?!


FMS approved gymwear modelled here by yet another rising Aussie fbb, Tamika Webber. And if you are wearing this AND you are a stone cold knockout à la Tamika, that's a double thumbs up. I don't always wear this kind of revealing top in the gym, Tamika tells us with a wink. Sometimes I wear a lot less. Check out Tamika on Facebook and Instagram - she's a lot darker these days and a whole lot bigger too!


The woman's got more pics out there that I can count, says one forum poster on the subject of Ekaterina (aka Katyuha) Kuznetsova. I get the impression that she seems to really enjoy showing off that muscle. Well, Girls with Muscle has 779 of those pics for your viewing pleasure, and yes, I also get the impression she isn't backward in coming forward to show off her hard work either. Not all those pics will get your "trapped in a sauna" fantasies raging quite so much as these (though a large majority of her pics do feature her topless or tastefully nude), nor will you find much better evidence that she's quite the exhibitionist than this groovy clip right here.

Bet that made you sweat.


Scratch and Sniff* now for a taste of sweet sweaty muscle pits courtesy of the sheeny Brittany Ramsey (left) and the woman who makes me go MN! (right), the magnificent Mmmmiava Nelson. When Pennypacker Industires contacted me for a pit sweat sample I was only too happy to oblige, says Miava. After all, I LOVE the smell of me. And thanks to Miava, Brittany and a whole host of other obliging and sweaty muscle goddesses, PI's range of concentrated female muscle pit sweat will be available to buy online in time for Christmas. Go on! Treat yourself. You deserve it.


And we sweat for the last time today with another of JT's finds, Dana Linn Bailey in competition with no one but herself and straining every sinew (and sweating from every pore) in the quest for one more rep than yesterday. Interesting crowd she's got watching her there. Or actually not watching. I wonder what could have possibly been more distracting than DLB at that very moment... JT is, I'm sure, already on it.

Huge thanks go to JT for his invaluable contribution, and all the other lovely readers without whom today's post would be blank spaces, a few noses, and a lot of irrelevant text. [See, told you I wouldn't say who you were or even mention your web moniker without your permission.] Special thanks to PumpItUp for his contribution - more pics than the rest of you put together, I'm afraid. Go see his blog (lots of sweat there) and show the man some (much needed - he hasn't had the best time of it recently) love.

* Scratch and Sniff technology used by kind permission of Pennypacker Industries

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I'm Your Fan: Cristina @IFBB Worlds

Time for another of those Can you guess how the judges went? games. Left to right, Brazilians Marjorie Beck (#90) and Daniely Castilho (#94), and #99 Spain's FMS heart-throb Cristina Goy Arellano "relaxed" (above), and comparing front double biceps (below) at the recent IFBB World Fitness Championships in Budapest.

You can probably guess from the fact that I'm asking the question at all that - not for the first time - Swell's scorecard would have looked a little different on the day to that of the IFBB judges. I saw the pics of the show before I knew the result, and while I've been a fan long enough to know that it's a rare day indeed when the judges call it as I see it, I felt there was a reasonable chance that Cristina had at least got herself another World Championship silver medal to go with the one she earned last year.

That;s what I'd hoped for, anyway. But 4th is where the judges placed her.

I tell myself not to get upset when Cristina or any of my other faves don't win. And I've told myself over and over throughout the years that it's pointless to try and second guess the judges - and it's particularly pointless, it seems to me, when it comes to the Physique division these days (as we've seen on FMS passim). And the last thing I want to do is belittle the achievements of the women who finished above her at the contest - Daniely Castilho (#94) won the class and overall titles, Marjorie Beck (#90) was runner-up, and the bronze medal went to Halina Tsitiva of Belarus.
Cristina, Halina Totiva (3rd) and Todorka Ivanova of Bulgaria, who placed 5th

I wouldn't dream of saying the women who finished above Cristina didn't deserve it. Female muscle marvels, every one of them. But, just like a football fan who's weekend is ruined when his team loses, I simply can't help feeling disappointed when my favourite muscle goddesses don't go home with the first place trophies.

And Cristina is definitely a favourite. Definitely.

I doubt I'm the only female muscle fan who feels this way, either in general or about Cristina in particular - in fact I'm sure I'm not. Ye gods, writes one forum poster. This woman is something else. That combo of the Latin complexion with probably the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on a female bodybuilder, PLUS that physique. She is awesome and she deserves all the attention she's getting in Europe and beyond.

I couldn't have put it better. Although he has forgotten one thing - that smile. And I have to say I'm particlarly enamoured with that smile of hers when she's pumping the muscle in some video or other and you can see it swelling and she looks down at the muscle and turns those fierce bright eyes direct to camera and (so knowingly) smiles...

For a few minutes, I completely forgot not just the 4th place, but what my name is and where I live, such is her power. And I find I'm a bit more philosophical. The unpredictability of sport being it's abiding attraction and all - that sort of thing. Wouldn't it be boring if the same woman always won? [Yes, it was - ed.]

But then I come across a clip of Cristina's posing routine at the Worlds. I'm ecstatic! I watch, transfixed... And then the music fades - after barely thirty seconds! I'm getting riled again. Is that all they give the women now? Thirty bloody seconds! At the WORLD championships?! And I get even more apoplectic at the sorry excuse for the round of applause the crowd muster when she's leaving the stage. Sounds like there were about four people there. I really do wonder sometimes why they bother, but I suspect the answer is in those fierce bright eyes and that smile to camera.

And I'm so glad you do bother, Cristina. Even if I never make it to your shows - "part of the problem" I know, I know - and I'm not the best at sending you messages of encouragement and devotion via your Facebook, your Instagram etc. (I just feel like the guys who do tend to come across as a bit, you know, creepy and all) [I'd be interested to know how you feel this comes across - ed.] so I'm just going to say that the judges might not think you're all that, and the crowd might not think your routine was all that, but there's a legion of us silent ones out there who think you really are all that. All that and something else and more. Your legion of fans.